Apr 29, 2011
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UK Digital Book Sales are hot off the press…

Figures show that the volume of digital book’s sales is climbing and the phrase ‘Hot off the Press’ is under threat from ‘Hot off the Net’. In 2010, sales cleared £16m. These sales include e-books and audio downloads. More specifically novels and consumer titles in 2010 increased from £4m to £16m.

So, will the novels and similar titles be less likely to appear on the book shelves for purchase as a book, or has the tablet computer or device opened up a new market of people that would not read a book but would read a book digitally.

The professional and academic range is till the top subject for the digital reader. The digital reader spent £180m last year on these releases, but this is still a small proportion when put next to the total book sales of £3.1bn. The creation of the Amazon Kindle and the Sony Reader has promoted these sales specifically with business professionals during their busy commute to work.

The digital publications market is growing for all interests and industries. In the US eBooks out sold hardback book in 2010.

While the book market is massive and traditionally very popular, there is still an incentive also to collect a series of books as enthusiasts do with say DVDs and arrange them on the book shelf in order. This physical presence is something that an e-book will never be able to do.