Apr 7, 2011
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Do you use online videos in your marketing campaign?

You may or may not know that YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google. YouTube over took Yahoo in August 2008 for the number 2 spot.

Brining you up-to-date, YouTube is owned by Google but this has had no influence on the figures, YouTube has almost 20% of the US search market and it contributes to 30% of Googles owned sites search total.

Despite not being known as a search engine, there is evidence that people are researching and looking for information through this search feature. Plus, there are thousands of users optimising their videos to be listed under the natural listing results. This then opens the door for international exposure and a great method to promote brand identity at a very minimal cost.

That’s the theory, and the practice is very good as well. Research shows that during November 2010, 34.7 million UK internet users watched 6 Billion videos. On average there are 6 videos watched per session. These stats also include content from the BBC and VEVO. This user engagement is seen as a growing market, this market in the future will include more high definition videos.

These high definition clips will be accompanied by business videos as they incorporate video marketing into their marketing budgets. Brand identity will be the big winner as businesses reach out to a massive social following. Video is a very social medium, so management teams will have a difficult job blending the marketing message into a social audience.

Back in the day, YouTube was perhaps a website that you would click around in your social time. However, there will be more marketing campaigns showing with its current content.  While clicking around, stats also show that users will leave a comment on the site about the video that we have just watched. The comment ratio is about 1 in 3, 1 comment per 3 clips watched. So, these comments then start to form a blog or forum.

Perhaps making a video for your brand or even a special promotion does not fit in the existing marketing budget; there is also on YouTube the option to advertise on posted videos. The evidence, 23 million users in the UK watched 5.3 million video ads during November. If a video is not possible, a spot of video advertising might be.

The key point is that video marketing is growing and is likely to keep growing; video demand is a large social requirement. With the right video or advert banner, you will be able to see the rewards of the social nature of video.

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