Mar 28, 2011
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Is Social Media worth any amount of marketing spend?

Currently social media websites are receiving more visits than any other website. Recent figures show that Social Media delivers around 3% of its traffic to retail websites.

The 3% highlights that social media has influenced or persuaded a few people to click away from the social media site to the retail site; the main reason for this is because of brand identity. They were on the social media website and click from this, on to brand logo or a marketing message that is of interest – therefore landing on the retail site.

What might retailers take from this? The obvious point being there is positive connection between the social media and your website. However, is there enough of a connection between the two before any marketing investment is added? Do marketing teams feel that this new market of social media is still in its beginning stages and still needs to mature before the marketing budget gains another addition headed Social Media?

So, while this medium is very powerful and has a huge audience, there is still an obstacle when linking the social networking site and the retail website. So far, brand awareness seems to be the best link. This is a clear message that any social media advertising has to be linked in to the existing marketing as the brand name or logo is very receptive to the social media audience.

To involve social media into your Marketing spend – your strategy needs to be integrated with SEO, PPC and any promotional emails. Running a social media campaign in its own will not be fruitful.

Lets not deny that there is a new audience that can be targeted, but there is no real guarantee of clicks and ultimately sales.  While we admit that any good strong online marketing campaign needs to have a blend of SEO, PPC and appropriate positioning, at present social media does need to be considered and have an amount of spend for exposure, but must not be relied upon for conversions or sales.

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