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Feb 9, 2011
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Storm Marketing Launch Business Mobile Phones

Business Mobile Phones Screen-shotStorm Marketing has today launched a new website that targets the business sector of the UK mobile phone market. Business Mobile Phones has the latest deals on Orange, Vodafone, O2, 3 and T-Mobile and lists the latest mobile phones.

Paul Speakman of Storm Marketing commented on the launch: “ will provide the UK business community with the latest mobile phone deals and allow decision makers to compare and contrast the latest Smartphones. We expect the Apple iPhone 4 to get a lot of attention, but some of the Blackberry devices are also very popular with business users. We understand that small businesses will see upgrading their company mobiles as an opportunity to cut costs. This site will help them do just that. Users can compare an extensive range of business Smartphones across all of the major UK phone networks whether the emphasis is on emails, document handling, data handling or high-speed web connections, this site has the most efficient mobile communication solutions for the UK business sector.” launched in January 2011 and targets the UK B2B mobile phone market.

Oct 25, 2010
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Storm Produce Creative for MediaVest Website


Manchester based media experts MediaVest have commissioned Storm to provide creative and build support to their website refresh.

MediaVest plan and buy advertising across the full spectrum of communications channels, from TV and newspapers through to the full range of digital offerings – and as part of their continuous brand developments, approached Storm to create a new website design that will easily integrate with their existing branding and logos.

The project utilises Storm’s experienced creative team to take a concise brief and produce a website theme that is both engaging and search friendly – ensuring W3C standards are maintained but allowing for a rich user experience.

The new MediaVest site is planned to launch in stages – the Storm creative allows for this due to the way that the source code and designs have been developed. The site concept is simple but striking, and the brand guidelines allow for a huge amount of flexibility when MediaVest decide to create a new page or section from their in house content management system.

“We have taken existing branding and styles, and moved them forward organically.” said Andy, Storm’s Head of Creative, “The new site creates a fresh feel but maintains a brand familiarity”.

MediaVest clients include Thomas Cook, Barratt Homes, Holland & Barrett , JD Williams, Hidden Hearing, Screwfix, Bradford Exchange, ghd, Bupa and more.

For more information about how Storm can help you with your business branding and website, check out the ‘branding and design’ section of our website.

Sep 1, 2010
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Manage Your Own Website With Storm’s Content Management Systems (CMS)

Storm strives to create websites that work. With this in mind, we have developed a core set of CMS modules which allow our clients to edit the content of their websites without compromising the design, accessibility and SEO aspects of the site.

CMS diagram

Each CMS that Storm produce is different. We listen to the clients requirements rather than tell them what they need. The systems can be as simple or as complex as required, however – we always maintain that the client should be able to use the systems without any prior knowledge of websites or HTML – providing the user with an instantly recognisable interface. Any user that is familiar with applications like Word is able to update their website.

Our bespoke CMS systems incorporate cross platform editing, full audit and event history, multi-tiered user access, a secure administration area and the ability to integrate with CRM (customer relationship management) data and systems. These facilities will give clients the control and freedom needed to run their website exactly the way they want – whether it be simple text, integrated images or a more complete rich media experience.

You can learn more about our Content Management Systems at Content Management Systems

Aug 31, 2010
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Storm Marketing Define SEO Strategy

SEO Organic search image

Storm Marketing have years of experience in SEO. Our link building team has built up a database of thousands of websites categorised by sector and market. We actively target link partners by topicality and relevance.

Our link partners MUST have a close logical association with the theme of the client’s site. Inevitably there is a degree of interpretation involved here but the association should be intuitive, and they should add value to our clients’ visitors, giving a focus on the user experience.

We see little or no point in soliciting links from direct competitors to the client. Firstly they are unlikely to return the link and secondly the search engines are likely to see these links as “artificial” – we focus on partners that have complimentary sites.

Search Engine algorithms are dynamic, we have a set of rules that ensures that our links will keep within their guidelines, such as be on-topic , have relevant content,  avoid “Black Hat” Tactics, Avoid excessive or off-topic linking and above all Avoid spamming techniques.

We develop sites to W3C standards, and always optimize for cross browser compatibility – allowing for rich and interactive sites to be deployed with no fear of damaging the user experience. Utilizing semantic code allows us to improve the accessibility of web documents, and we always recommend achieving a minimum of “Level A conformance” to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. When undertaking a project, take a proactive approach to accessibility, and consult with the client to ensure we achieve the standard they require.

Storm knows how the search engines have evolved and where they are heading in the future. We have achieved top rankings in the most competitive verticals including Mobiles, Gambling, Travel and Finance. We have developed our own systems for SEO from which we can provide real-time access to fundamental aspects of SEO, Content Writing, Link Building, Keyword Density Analysis and so on. Our clients benefit from our insight with detailed reporting at a granular level. We practice what we preach when it comes to SEO as we use an identical methodology for all of our own in-house brands.

For more details of SEO services offered by Storm Marketing click here Search Engine Optimisation

Aug 27, 2010
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New Storm Marketing Website Launched

Storm Website Screenshot

Storm Marketing are proud to announce the release of their new website

The site utilises a number of different client and server technologies to present a fresh and vibrant user experience that showcases Storm’s experience and talent.

Early reactions have been very positive, with users especially liking the personal profiles of the senior team at Storm.

“The concept for the site was very organic with ideas coming form every member of the team this made my job very easy (lie). Its always hard when the site is for yourself because you become the client from hell.said Andy, Storm’s Head of Creative.

“I wanted the site to capture the ethos of storm and I think we have achieved that with the little tweaks like the illustrations of the team but also to show we are not just another marketing company. Another main part of the site was for it to fit in with the creative we already have, so there were no gaps between the offline and online creative.

The feedback we have been getting so far is good so lets hope that it continues, I have already starting thinking about the next version.“.