May 16, 2011
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Is the Internet going to be the television replacement?

It is well discussed that the internet is becoming the medium for so many things, back in the day TV was all on its own. You need a TV and a bit of main power and an aerial. After some good tuning you had TV on the box and that was the only way that you could watch your favourite broadcasts, and you only got the one chance.

Many markets including the US pay market has suffered and massive drop in revenue as customers turn to the internet for their viewing thirst. However, there is question that does need to be asked, is it that the internet is demoting TV or technology? Apple and Google have both released services that allow viewers to view online content via the TV, but both companies have stated that the packages did not meet expectations. Plus, we are also watching more video and more TV than ever before so why is the TV under threat?

The main reason is that there are some many ‘on demand’ services including ‘Jigsaw’, ‘Catch Up TV’, ’BBC iPlayer’ and ‘ITVplayer’ that you then don’t need to watch the normal broadcasted channels that are running 24/7 when you can exchange this for a very personal viewing on your laptop and tablet or even smart phone and let’s be honest we know how popular these items are.

If you fast forward some years and think of a modern house, you may think of a high speed internet connection that feeds straight into a media hub. This is precisely what the experts think; this hub will complete all our multimedia services.  The TV as we now know it will change; perhaps the name will change to large screen devices.

Some large UK internet providers have all incorporated these types of services into their portfolio. BT has the ‘Vision’ service that uses the internet for its on demand programmes. Will this become the norm in the future? Will we see the TV aerial on the roof becoming a feature of the past?

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